The SBC Aiken Story

Humble Beginnings

For over 117 years Second Baptist Church has been an integral part of the African American community of Aiken and the surrounding areas. It has stood as a beacon, ministering to the spiritual, educational, social, recreational, and developmental needs of the broader Aiken community. Second Baptist Church was founded in 1904 and began its humble journey in a small, two-room house, which was in the 1100 block of Florence Street NW. The active membership at the time was approximately 22 persons. Over the years the Church has been a pillar of stability, growth, and commitment. It has sustained its commitment to the mission of uplifting and improving the lives of the residents of the Aiken community. The present building, which is located on Hampton Avenue, was designed, and constructed in 1920 by the pastor, architect, and builder Reverend Jesse M. Miles.

How We Grew

Second Baptist has always been an active participant in the life and growth of Aiken. The first Head Start program in Aiken was organized and held at the Church. Second Baptist youths were the first African Americans to take part in the citywide athletic church league.

Enlarging Our Territory


Reverend Douglas A. Slaughter became the eleventh pastor to serve the church. Since the beginning of his leadership in September of 1993, Second Baptist Church has been focused on the broader mission of the church to “Love God, Love Others, and Love Yourself” by initiating services and ministries aimed at meeting the defined needs of people in Aiken and the surrounding community. In 1995 the Second Baptist Christian Preparatory School was established to serve pre-school and elementary school children. In 1997 the pastor and leaders of Second Baptist Church established a 20-year strategic vision and plan to lead them in accomplishing the mission God had given. The SBC During this period Second Baptist Church has accomplished the following:

  • Established the Second Baptist Christian Preparatory School.
  • Creating teen and after-school centers
  • Purchased St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Laurens for School and Offices
  • Purchased and developed 100 +/- of land.
  • Established SBC Community Development Corporation
  • Constructed 100+ affordable homes and senior apartments
  • Participated in the development of the Clyburn Center for Primary Care
  • Purchased and Constructed a New Worship on the BI-LO shopping Center at 1151 York Street NE.
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Meet Our Pastor

Meet Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Douglas A.

The eleventh pastor to serve the church in its more than 100-year history.

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